Supportive home environments are key to children’s success at school – and a wealth of research shows that children with positively involved fathers and father-figures (whether or not they live with them full-time) do better in all sorts of ways.

Many fathers want to be more involved in their children’s education, but it’s not always easy to engage with them. Fathers’ Story Week is designed to help your school or other setting use fatherhood as a hook for learning activities, and for reaching out to dads and getting them to take part in school life.

What Happens in FSW?

You can create whatever activities work for you. Here are some simple ideas you could try:

  • Invite dads in to read to the children
  • Run a dads’-and-kids’ sports day
  • Hold a Father’s Day assembly and invite all the dads
  • Ask dads to read a favourite story to their child, and get the child to write about it
  • Get the children to draw their dad and write a story for him

Previous FSW events have included:

  • ‘Teatime Tales with Dad’ cookery-and-reading session in Kent
  • ‘Real Men Read’ week in Pontypridd, South Wales
  • ‘Dads Discovery Day’ in Hull.
  • In London, one nursery planned an exciting week of fun-filled events including a session with an Arsenal FC coach. We’ve even had a school in New York celebrate FSW!
  • Read about how dads in Scotland’s Barlinnie Prison celebrated FSW in 2011.

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